New Maze update

At the beginning of this year, we released New Maze on Google Play.

At the beginning of this year, we released New Maze on Google Play. At that time, we wanted to implement a simple maze game. The whole point was there is infinitely generated maze which moves from top to bottom and the player’s task was to hold out in it as long as possible while gradually accelerating the movement. Various animals were chosen as characters. For each of them, the color of the environment and the collected bonuses changed. It was possible to open the rest of the characters collecting coins. We tried to fulfill all the graphics in minimalism. What came of this can be seen in the next video:

The game in this version was available in open beta testing. We published this information on some resources and got the first players. We were very surprised that there were positive reviews among the others cause counting on the worst when publishing. According to analytics, the maximum count of the testers was about 150 in 2.5 months. After that, the number of players began to decline, since we didn’t promote the game in any way, but at the time of this writing, there were about 10 active players left, downloads and uninstalls didn’t stop. Also, various reviews and suggestions for the game have accumulated. Also, various reviews and suggestions for the game have accumulated. In September, we decided to analyze everything that had accumulated among the reviews and our ideas and bring it to the next stage.

For the new version, we decided to add the goal of our maze run. It was the escape of animals from prison in the castle. We also added a visible element for confrontation — it was a catcher who chases the player all the way. To combat it, you can use two new bonuses: accelerating the player and slowing down the catcher, both of it are in the form of potions. We tried to depict the cartoonish middle ages in the environment. Also, we improved the algorithm for generating the maze itself. We tried to work out the musical accompaniment of the game. In general, the game itself was optimized, which made the gameplay much smoother. The result of the work can be seen in the new video:

The new version is also available in beta on Google Play and we need help testing new changes again. We tried to change the player’s control for the better, as well as diversify the generation of the maze. These are two key features, the work of which we would like to evaluate first. Next, we would like to test the introduced bonuses and how they affect the gameplay and, of course, how the optimization affected the game as a whole. Your opinion about the project as a whole will also be important: what you liked and what did not. All this will be taken into account for bug fixes and the next update. The game is available at the link. Reviews can be left on Google Play or in Google form, as well as in the comments. We will be glad to any feedback and questions that we will try to answer!

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