Test results and changes

We would like to say thanks to those who responded to our request and test New Maze.

Hi everybody! We would like to say thanks to those who responded to our request and test New Maze. Your feedbacks helped us make the first changes to improve the project, and we will tell about them further. To begin with, let us share some test results, maybe someone will be interested.

We published the post on November 29, so the information about players is accumulating for a week. People from 5 countries and 23 cities took part in testing.

30 new users has been attracted.
For the first three days, the total playing time was 6.5 hours.
Currently there are 29 active installations.
62.9% of people who viewed the page on Google Play installed the game. The first day conversion rate was 69.2%.
Also, users continued to return to the game for 6 days.

The best score in the game was 880 pts.

After evaluating all the feedback we received, we made several changes to the game:

  • The speed of the player and the pursuer was changed cause the initial speeds were too high. Now there is a gradual acceleration.
  • We added a pause menu, which is activated during the game by pressing the back button and when the application is minimized.
  • Problems with dead ends in the maze have been fixed. Some walls completely blocked the way.
  • There were a number of problems with bonuses. Sometimes the acceleration made it difficult to accurately enter the turn. Absence of bonuses in the dead ends didn’t give a chance to find a way out of it. There are also moments of generation when bonuses doesn’t appear for a long section of the path. Based on this, buttons for activating bonuses have been added. Now they can be used at a convenient moment, not upon contact with them, but there is a limit on collecting 3 bonuses of each type.

To gradually complicate the game, the process of creating the maze was changed, but new graphics for this are still in the process of being created. We hope to implement this soon.

The new update is already available in beta on Google Play. We would like to ask those who tested our game last time to do it again, and give their opinion on the changes. We will also be glad to new players. You should pay special attention to dead ends in the maze when playing: at the moment this is a serious problem. The game is available at the following link. Leave your feedback on Google Play — it will be visible only to us. We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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