Wallbreaker. Dev story – part 3

The long-awaited hackathon started at 20:00. The main task for us was to launch our prototype on a mobile device.

The long-awaited hackathon started at 20:00. At first we listened to lectures for about two hours, and then everyone started working on their projects. The main task for us was to launch our prototype on a mobile device: if everything worked well on a computer, then on smartphones we were in for a variety of surprises. First, it was necessary to decide on the type of control and our choice fell on creating the usual control buttons on the sides of the maze. Also we positioned buttons for Wallbreaker’s abilities in the same place. Secondly, the labyrinth were slowing down noticeably on weak devices and we had to shake up its work well (in the future we will return to it with big changes, but more on that later). Thirdly, the prototype had only one screen with the maze only, but the final assembly already managed to weigh decently. The addition of the start menu and end-of-game screens didn’t make things much worse, but the overall weight of the app was much more than we would have liked.

We would also like to say about the introductory video, which tells about the characters of the game. A lot of effort was spent on its creation and it worked remarkably well, only with its appearance the project grew to a downright indecent size, and on weak devices the project simply stopped running. This is understandable — it was created at the end of the hackathon, when we could act only unconsciously.

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