Wallbreaker. Dev story – part 4

A few words about the business acceleration programs.

A few words about the business acceleration programs. If we are talking about developing a game, especially about the first project, nobody needs it at all. Basically, we were asked questions there, to which we were want to get an answer in this program. The approach to the project is practiced there was purely capitalist — you need to sell it to someone as soon as the slightest functionality will be implemented. In principle we don’t want to applicate this approach to our games, and in relation to a first game of not the most experienced team, this plan simply threatens to fail. However, there was one person who looked at our game and said: “Don’t listen to anyone here, just make your project and then release it. The fact that you have something running on your smartphone is already good.”

Howbeit, we have completed the course, the few usefulness things for our project have been extracted from it, and there is even a certificate about it. The business acceleration program ended with wishes for a speedy release, but we were thinking how far we should push deadline.

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